Daily log 6/27/13

The day started at 8:30 AM. The first thing on the agenda was the Glaser paper chapter 5 Powerpoint presentations.  The presentations had to meet a minimum requirement of 10 minutes in length, 5 vocabulary words, 4 concepts from the chapter, opinions on how the chapter relates back to our research, and a brief summary of the chapter. After the presentations, Christa had another challenge for the students. This challenge consisted of making observations about a Pringle can, hypothesizing what was on the inside of the can, and constructing a model from our hypothesis on another can. With the main draw being that a hypothesis and paper model must be constructed and presented before construction of the physical model could begin.

            Afterwards we tried another conference call with the SKC interns but again it was rather unsuccessful, though we did get through one presentation. Instead we discussed with Diana, Emi, and Amy our thoughts with the layout of the REU so far. Once finished we moved to FDLRM to begin sieving the peat monolith samples taken from the field. Though this did yield some results of seeds and shells the main purpose of this was to provide students with experience to better prepare for sieving the actual core samples. 

Wayne Greensky



Gathering materials to make our Mystery Tube model.


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