I don’t recall a time when I’ve felt more unprofessional. I ran into a crisis and panicked, and didn’t do what I knew I should have… let someone know. The nature of GIS is always changing, but one thing I’ve found to remain the same: Never expect things to go as planned. I learn this lesson more and more as I continue to delve into the chaotic realm of data layers, feature classes, toolsets, model building and spatial analyses.

First of all I would like to apologize to my peers and my mentors for not staying in contact about my situation, there are no excuses for such disrespect. Secondly, I would like to tell a short parable if you will.

I made a huge mistake and went and did a bunch of work on an old version of ArcGIS and then found out that I can’t run my model and that I will need to use a newer version. This resulted in a complete redo of my project file, which can be a daunting task once it’s been developed to a certain level. Long story short, I had to start over with my GIS. My lack of responsibility over the last week is unacceptable, and this blog post (my first) is a clarification on myself and what I’ve been up to.

On a lighter note I am still plugging away and should have some interesting results to show very soon.

I decided on this picture because it seemed to represent well the procrastination on my part, and also the distractions I’ve allowed myself to get into with this summer.

Loga Fixico



One thought on “Procrastination

  1. I don’t like the procrastination, but I like the flower. And I also think that recognizing a problem and understanding how it makes us react, but not being a slave to natural reactions is the path towards instilling better ways of dealing with issues. I know from my own life that writing can be an act of fighting procrastination, and finding a way to move beyond into expressing what we want to communicate. Nice thoughtful post.

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