Gary Lesser

My name is Gary D.R. Lesser and I am from the Colville Reservation in Washington. I started school at SKC in the fall of 2009 and am currently a junior enrolled in Environmental Sciences. I began work on a collaborative internship with the National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics in the summer of 2010. I have also assisted in a number of concurrent research projects including an EPSCOR Large River Restoration Project here on the reservation and a summer LacCore lake coring outreach event in Glacier National Park with the gidaa camp and Manoomin project in Cloquet, Minnesota. I also assisted during the 1st Geoscience Alliance Conference held in Minnesota last fall and have volunteered to assist in the 2nd upcoming conference here at SKC. My own current research involves surveying amphibian and reptile blood parasites on the Flathead Indian Reservation, which was recently highlighted at a National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics professional meeting as part of my summer internship on Sustainable Land and Water resources. I am working at SKC during the school year under a Nasa Space Grant as a laboratory technician which consists of equipment maintenance, inventories, solution preps, water analysis, and other lab duties. Salish Kootenai College has been the best choice I have ever made. After graduation I plan to move back to the Colville Reservation in Washington and gain employment in the Fish and Wildlife Program.


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