Adam’s Research Abstract

Quantifying macroinvertebrate assemblage in stream in the Outdoor StreamLab

The macroinvertebrate community assemblage was examined in an experimental sand bedded meandering stream in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The community structure was quantified using three aspects, species diversity, density, and location of sample.  The outdoor stream lab (OSL) is a life sized research center fed by Mississippi river water designed to examine small stream processes under controlled flow and sediment feed.  The lab itself was developed by the National Center for Earth Surface Dynamics and St. Anthony Falls Laboratory. This study examined separate macroinvertebrate samples in a single riffle in the OSL. Variability will be determined base on the aspect of both change in microorganisms in regards to differences in size as well as genus, species and class.  The samples that were collected at the low flow rate of 19.00 L/s in this study in the OSL were compared to the samples collected in the 2008 study of higher flow rates and macroinvertebrate variability.


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