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Final Day of REU

Today the teams presented our poster projects to a variety of scholars. We gave groups the run down about eight different times and were asked some very engaging question by some participants. After all the work that was put into collecting our data I am happy to see that our results allow us to reconstruct a very interesting history of our peatland and we are able to make some valuable conclusions.
However the presentations were the easy part today, where the true task came in was saying peace out to members of the team. Diana made our internship a very pleasant one while Emi helped evolve our writing styles and prepare us for scientific writing. Wayne always brought cheer and kindness to the table and carried many heavy items through the bog that god knows would’ve sunk me. Zach kept us moving while Adrienne made us laugh. Phil offered a friendly approach to mentoring  that allowed us to create a great connection with him while simultaneously learning more than we ever expected to, when Phil was there you knew it would be a good day. And Christa was our teacher, without her our research would’ve become stagnant as the interns ran around in circles of confusion. She was our ride to the grocery store and our friend to watch horror movies with. She taught me most of what I learned this summer and I am confident she will have profound influence on more students throughout her career. Peace out team Zagaa’igan, I have to get back to North Carolina now.
Alec Keiper


Today the Montana and Minnesota team met early in the morning at Lind Hall and discussed deep and meaningful topics about life. The questions asked were: 1) What is cultural? 2) How is culture and science related? 3) What have we learned about our self and science? Everyone had really interesting and different things to say. Today made me realize how much I really like the mind of fellow scientists and people interested in science. They are unique individuals that see the world differently than the average person. After our discussion we went to THE MALL OF AMERICA. I typed that really big because it’s THE MALL OF AMERICA.  That mall is ridiculously big. I was really overwhelmed, confused, and tired after 2 hrs. I went back to the hotel after and took a nap.

Adrienne Warmsley

Scavenger Hunt

            Today we walked around the riverfront area of Minneapolis as we partook in a scavenger hunt. After nine weeks apart, our sister team from Montana finally met today in person for the first time as we took a tour of the St. Anthony’s Falls Laboratory on the Mississippi River. This was a great way to learn the city in a fun and interactive way. As the days count down in our REU, I look forward to enjoying our last days together.


Zachary Kisfalusi


Today was another work day. Students started the day in Pillsbury hall at 9:00 A.M. We continued our work from yesterday in creating a poster to present on our last day, next Friday. We continued to make good progress and it seems we will be putting the finishing touches on it tomorrow. When finished, students and mentors went to dinner at Hell’s Kitchen to enjoy some delicious food and quality time.

Wayne Greensky


Yesterday, for the entire day, the team was preparing our poster for our presentation. I was in charge of the formatting so everyone sent me all their photos and results and what section they were writing then I had to decide how to fit them on properly. All day long I sat at a computer dragging squares around on a bigger square to decide how appealing the certain squares look in certain locations and at certain sizes. Then we had a computer malfunction and I had to redo all the photos on the poster. However it ended up a polished product and it should be completely ready for presentation. It is indeed a good summary of what we have been doing in Minnesota all summer.

Alec Keiper


Today was another busy day spent working on our poster.  There is a lot of work to do within the next two days, but I am confident that the team will get it done. We also met with Emi today and went over our interpretation section of the paper. The project is beginning to wind down, and I can tell people are excited to wrap it up.  

Adrienne Warmsley